Cleveland Stonewall Sports

Photos by Dave Nash

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Dodgeball 2018
1/21/18 Round 1 Photos
1/21/18 Round 2 Photos
1/21/18 Round 3 Photos
1/21/18 Round 4 Photos

1/28/18 Round 1 Photos
1/28/18 Round 2 Photos
1/28/18 Round 3 Photos
1/28/18 Round 4 Photos
Kickball Fall 2017
10/22/17 Photos
10/08/17 Photos
10/01/17 Photos
9/24/17 Photos
9/10/17 Photos
Bocce Summer 2017
Game Pictures Game pictures
Game Pictures Game pictures
Game Pictures Game pictures
Kickball Spring 2017
11:00 AM Game pictures
12:00 Noon Game pictures
1:00 PM Game pictures
2:00 PM Game pictures
3:00 PM Game pictures
4:00 PM Game pictures
Game Pictures Game pictures
Game Pictures Game pictures
Game Pictures Game pictures
Dogs Some dog pictures
Game Pictures Game pictures
Game Pictures Game pictures
Team Pictures These pictures are quite big enough
Full Size Team Pictures These are exactly the same pictures as above, but at their preposterous full size. Opening these will deplete your data plan and disappoint everyone else on your network. Really, unless you have a desperate need for a crop or a wall mural, just stay away from these.
Pride Run 2017
Dodgeball 2017
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Match 5 SHE and them v Not in the Face
Match 4 Balls to the Wall v Hit Me Baby
One More Time
Match 3 Daj MaBalls II v Dodgy Style
Match 2 DILFSQUAD v Deep Throws
Match 1 Dodge Balls Deep v 10 Points to
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Match 5 Hit Me Baby
One More Time
v SHE and them
Match 4 Not in the Face v 10 Points to
Match 3 Dodge Balls Deep v DILFSQUAD
Match 2 Deep Throws v Daj MaBalls II
Match 1 Dodgy Style v Balls to the Wall
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Match 5 Deep Throws v Dodge Balls Deep
Match 4 Dodgy Style v DILFSquad
Match 3 Hit Me Baby
One More Time
v Daj MaBalls II
Match 2 Not in the Face v Balls to the Wall
Match 1 SHE and them v 10 Points to
Practice Practice